Version 7.3.4 with Tag Support for WordPress 2.3 and above

Nothing special with this v7.3.4 release except for the addition of the Tags Page Template. I’m still thinking of ways to make room for a Tag Cloud section with the theme. This version also fixes some issues with the Widget. Thanks to David Stoline for the contribution.

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A site dedicated to all versions of the Wordpress theme – Brajeshwar

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Brajeshwar Theme v7.3.2 released

Version 7.3.2 have been released with the major enhancement being the Contact Template addition. Now, you would be able to have a separate Contact Template powered by the Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form.
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Brajeshwar Theme but in Black

Zerab is a modified dark version of Brajeshwar v7.x WordPress Theme. The theme is plugin independent, highlights the self customizable excerpt of the latest article on the home and even has fonts styles for Windows Vista – pretty much like Brajeshwar v7.x. The author have added Widget support for the theme.

Preview & Download from Theme Viewer.

My personal thanks to Zaki for porting this theme to a dark theme.

Brajeshwar v7.2.2 released

Version 7.2.2 of the Brajeshwar WordPress Theme is released. One of the major enhancement is the addition of the “Archives” Template and of course few bug fixes. I’ve also updated the Technorati Cosmos count to use the latest widget from Technorati. The Theme Viewer is also updated. You can view the Changelog.

Brajeshwar Theme on Google

Here are the details on Google for Brajeshwar Theme

* Google Code WordPress Theme Home
* Downloads
* Wiki
* Issues
* SVN Source

Also, join the Google Group discussion list for the theme to keep yourself updated or request features, report bugs.

Looking for Designers & Developers

If you want to be involved with the Brajeshwar WordPress Theme and feel that you can help out a bit, please contact me or leave a comment below. I want to add many more features to the theme including but not limited to making it widget ready, load much faster and proper placement of modules for a search-engine-friendly layout. There will be no payment but I am willing to add your name or blog or your site in the credit (theme and the site).

Version 7.1.1 released

Fixed couple of irritating bugs including the 404 page dis-orientation and the latest version is pushed to v7.1.1. The font style is now compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista.

Brajeshwar WP Theme updated at

I’ve updated the theme download with the latest release at WordPress Themes. I’ll continue to update the theme here with minor releases and bug fixes alongside releasing it to the Google CodeBase.

Brajeshwar WP Theme Version 7.1.0 released

Brajeshwar WordPress Theme v7.1.0Version 7.1.0 of the Brajeshwar WordPress theme have been released and is available for download. I’ve decided to use Google CodeBase for all minor releases and not host the download files on my own server (I’ve burnt my fingers before for hosting download files on my own server).

If you use my theme, please download this latest release and test it out. If you find bugs, please let me know. However, I have tested the theme thoroughly and it work just great for me.

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Brajeshwar WordPress Theme

Finally, I decided to have a dedicated site for the WordPress theme – Brajeshwar. There are few reasons and 2 of them are

* Smashing Magazine calls it one of the most beautiful WordPress themes
* It is also one of the top most downloaded WordPress theme

The first release (v7.0) has been downloaded over 9,860 times at the time of writing this article.

Stay tuned, release v7.1.1 will be available for download tonight my time (IST). It will contain bug fixes, improvements in the code, google adsense ready. I will highlight all the changes in the CHANGELOGS.