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Brajeshwar WordPress Theme

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Finally, I decided to have a dedicated site for the WordPress theme – Brajeshwar. There are few reasons and 2 of them are

* Smashing Magazine calls it one of the most beautiful WordPress themes
* It is also one of the top most downloaded WordPress theme

The first release (v7.0) has been downloaded over 9,860 times at the time of writing this article.

Stay tuned, release v7.1.1 will be available for download tonight my time (IST). It will contain bug fixes, improvements in the code, google adsense ready. I will highlight all the changes in the CHANGELOGS.

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It seems good, thanks, i will try it.
:) seo yar??mas? k├╝resel ?s?nmaya hay?r / August 8th, 2007, 6:22 am / #

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